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Stainless Steel Sieving Mesh hot sale

Stainless Steel Sieving Mesh hot sale

Author:HeBei Boyang hardware wire mesh products Co., Ltd. Date:2012/9/7 Click:

Mine sieving mesh is a kind of metal mesh-structure equipment used for sieving or filtering. It can provide more strength and rigidity and support greater loads. Stainless steel sieving mesh refers to the stainless steel wire mesh used for screening of solid particles, powers and dust, etc.

Material: SUS304, 304L, 316, 316L

* High filtering capability at high pressure
* Excellent anti-corrosion
* Low pressure loss
* Constant mesh opening
* Good dimensional stability
* High open surface area

Stainless steel sieving mesh is used in screening and separation in mine, coal, grain, medicine, ceramic, glass, food, scientific research and other fields.

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